Saturday, 23 January 2016

Who is Han Ah Reum?

Assalamualaikum & hello everybody :)) this is my MAIN BLOG
Han Ah Reum is not my real name. i bet you already know about it hahaha!
well i am no a pretty girl but im a happy girl maybe? me myself , dont understand myself.
my heart had been broken so many times and i don't  know how to fix it.
i really want my childhood back, i want my old life that have so much happiness.
how i wish someone can understand me more than myself.
 so my age? nah you dont have to know about it
because i am lazy to update this post every year just to update my age haha no no
 next, im a student in IT live in Malaysia.
still in the same roof with my parents and lovely siblings.
okay so, this blog is literally about my life
it is a truth a story. that is why i cannot show you or tell you who am i because im afraid
that someone who know me will read my blog and feel pity for me.
no i dont want that to happen for my entire life.
 let this be my little secret.

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